New games console for Nintendo

If you have been listening to mainstream media and the opinions of analysts, then you would know that Nintendo had recently been declared to be dead. A brand that was once the epitome of success in the gaming world had been panned by critics and most analysts saw no future for the company unless the apparent takeover by Disney scripted a new destiny.

Well, as it so often happens with great brands, they make a comeback. Is it time for Nintendo games consoles to undergo some kind of resurgence? Can the company script a new history? The indicators are very strongly in favor of the Japanese behemoth.

In 2012, the company had reported an annual loss which was unprecedented and soon after the death knells were being announced. In the quarter ending September 2014, the company has declared a profit of $224 million. This is in sharp contrast to the loss of $74.2 million that the company incurred in the same three month period in the preceding year. One may wonder what changed and the answer is quite simple. Nintendo Wii U has been released since and the company has gone back to doing what it did best – harping on characters that had made them a phenomenon at one point in time. To add to that, the company has opened its arms to third party games which it had not done with as much élan as some of its competitors have done over the years.

The new Super Smash Bros game was released for Nintendo Wii U. This was a new version which came after half a decade of stagnation. If the crowds gathering up for its launch and the buzz among the fans of Nintendo games consoles were any indication, the game is set to be a blockbuster and that may just help Nintendo to script its resurgence sooner. Experts believe that the game might sell in excess of four million copies across the world.

There is strong indication that Nintendo games consoles would hit a record high in sales this Christmas. The company has geared up well with a slew of new releases and there are some more in the offing at the turn of the year. The Nintendo Wii U has been selling well in the last few months, especially after a dismal start in November 2013.

For all that is there to see and analyze Nintendo games consoles are on their way back to the top.