Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Over the past couple of years, Samsung and Apple, two mobile phone giants, have battled each other with their own lineup of mobile phone flagship models.

Apple has their iPhone lineup while Samsung has their Samsung Galaxy phones. But, last year, Samsung did something remarkably familiar. They’ve released a new phone that resembles a past flagship phone from Apple.

Today, we are going to talk about the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Before, Samsung phones are notorious for having an all-plastic construction. Although their phones are made out of durable plastics, people still opt for a more durable aluminum or metal design.

That is why the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s design is reminiscent to that of the iPhone 4. That’s right, if you’ve seen an iPhone 4 before, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha’s design is pretty much like that.

It has an aluminum rim on the sides with an all metal construction on the overall sides of the phone. It is also a thin phone, measuring only 6.7mm in thickness. It is not the slimmest phone by any means, but it is part of the Echelon.

The mobile phone’s screen is only 4.7-inches and it has a maximum resolution of only 720p. That is not really something to brag about, but with the screen size, it should be appropriate for most users.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has its proprietary TouchWiz Ui and the operating system is Android’s Kitkat 4.4. There is really nothing to be said with the interface other than it is cleaner now that in previous iterations of the TouchWiz Ui. Still, the aesthetics of the UI is still debatable as most people do not want the TouchWiz Ui by default.

Under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is powered by the Exynos 5 Octa SoC 8-core processor. It has low-powered four cores for menial tasks and 4 supercharged cores for intensive applications such as games and other powerful applications.

The phone’s battery is probably one of the downsides of the phone. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha only comes with a 1,860 MaH battery capacity, which, by today’s standards, isn’t quite a lot.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes with a 12-megapixel camera. Although, on the surface, it is not that much considering that most mobile phone companies already flash customers with tons of megapixels in their camera, but this phone’s camera is surprisingly good.

It has proprietary camera technologies such as an HDR toggle for accurate still photos; a selective focus feature where you can take photos of an object up close while blurring the background, and so much more.

There are also some built-in, post-processing effects that can help you enhance the photos you’ve captured. It isn’t as extensive as the ones you find on the Google Play store, but it should get the job done.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a shocker in terms of its design, but some specs of the phone leave it a little bit hanging. Still, the Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a sleek mobile phone with a host of features that people would want in a phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha costs $150.