5 Crafty Ways You Can Install IP Cameras

Have you ever seen movies wherein bad guys enter the premises and steal what’s inside of it? Have you seen movies where bad guys have seen a surveillance camera and they know how to take it out? If so, these scenarios also happen in real life.

What lesson will you get from this scenario? Basically, if you’re going to install an IP camera, you need to be crafty with your installation.

Of course, when the IP camera is within reach and within the line of sight of criminals, then they can instantly destroy it rendering it useless.

So today, I am going to give you 5 crafty ways you can install IP cameras so that you can make use of them and so that bad guys won’t be able to see them.

1. Right behind a big clock. One of the craftiest places to install the IP camera is behind a big clock. If you have a standing clock, it would be much better as it is less cumbersome to install. There are IP cameras that are small which can be best installed behind something to hide it from plain sight. Buy those types of IP cameras so that you can do this.

2. Up high places. Usually, ceilings have a little bit of the wall surrounding them. This can be a convenient hiding place for the IP camera without obstructing too much of its peripheral vision. If you can, buy dome IP cameras because it can help conceal the camera, especially during nighttime. Also, when installing it in high places, make sure that the Ethernet cable is not visible so that bad people will not suspect that an IP camera is there.

3. Right Behind Big Things. This is like the first tip. You can actually install IP cameras right behind something big. The Wall clock or a Standing clock is the first option because no one would suspect that something is hidden behind it. But, if that option is not available to you, then you can install an IP camera right behind big things. Make sure to hide it in places where one wouldn’t expect or hide it somewhere that is not obvious.

4. Right behind things with holes. Ever seen those spy movies where the main actor just uses his focus material through a small hole? That is the idea behind this way of installing an IP camera. Create a hole just big enough for the lens of the IP camera to fit. Do not create a big hole as it will be prominent. Just make sure that you create one in the most obscure of places so that people will not expect that the IP camera is there.

5. Just about Anywhere that makes the IP camera hidden in plain sight. This is not a specific tip but this is one speaking from a general point of view. The point of this article is to make sure that you install the IP cameras in a way where it is hidden in plain sight. Doing so will make sure that the bad guys will have no way of discerning if a surveillance IP camera is available in the place or not.

There you have it. These 5 crafty ways of installing IP cameras will help make sure that bad guys will not be able to disrupt the main function of your IP cameras and that is to give you surveillance footage of your premises.