Some No Man’s Sky Fixes You Can Try on the PC

No Man’s Sky is probably one of the most highly anticipated games this 2016. Why all the hype? I think that is mainly attributed to the fact that the game takes roughly billions of years to fully explore. And no, the developers weren’t kidding about this info.

Thanks to procedural generation, the game developers were able to make a vast and diverse universe for the people to explore to their hearts’ content.

Now, the game has been released on two platforms: the PC and on the Playstation 4 game console. There aren’t any reported issues on the Playstation 4 port of the game but, as usual, there are a lot of issues plaguing the PC version.

The developers of the game have promised to fix the issues and they are going to be released anytime soon. In the meantime, some players gave some hotfixes you can try to help solve some of the game’s problems.

In today’s article, I will share with you some of the fixes you can try on the PC version of No Man’s Sky.

1. Low Framerates? This is probably the most common issue PC users face when playing the game. Apparently, no matter if you have amazing PC specs, the game just doesn’t run that well on the platform. To fix framerate issues, the first thing you need to do is make sure to install the latest graphics card drivers. Now, if you’re using an AMD card, they’ve already release a game-ready driver for this game. But for Nvidia card users, you have to wait a little bit longer. As of this time of writing, the company hasn’t released new game-ready drivers for this game yet. After updating to the latest drivers, you may want to set a few parameters in the game. The first thing you need to set it the frame-limit option. You need to set it to Max. The next thing you need to do is lower the game’s generation detail. In other words, you lower the graphics quality of the game until the developers find a fix for it.

2. Texture Flickering? Now, if you suffer from more severe graphics issues like texture flickering, you may want to disable the Steam Overlay. In your Steam software, go to the settings and find the option “Enable the Steam Overlay while in Game” and uncheck it.

3. Alt-Tabbing Problem when in Full Screen? Users report that when you alt+tab from fullscreen mode will give you all sorts of graphical problems. There is a workaround for this one as well. The thing is, you need to open your Task Manager by pressing ctrl-alt-delete at the same time (or just simply right-clicking on the taskbar and opening Task Manager from there). Make sure that the game is playing in the background. Find the game’s entry on the task manager and click on the arrow on the left to bring down a new entry. Right-click on this entry and then select “Bring to front”.

No Man’s Sky is a promising game but it does suffer from the dreaded “PC Version” bugs. I hope that they do not follow the Arkham Knight’s path where the game was completely ditched for the PC version.

This game has potential and I hope that the game developers fix these issues as soon as possible.

No Man’s Sky is available on the PC and on the Playstation 4 game console.