4 Exercises to Help you Get those Washboard Abs

Are you frequently looking at fitness magazines? If so, you’ve probably seen those washboard abs and chiseled physique that the person in the cover has.

But, how do they achieve such a physique? Conventional wisdom would say that you can get those abs by doing a ridiculous amount of crunches and sit ups.

Although these exercises do help you get big abs, it has been found out that they are not the most effective in helping you get them.

In this article, I will talk about the 4 exercises you need to do in order to get those washboard abs you’ve always dreamed of.

These exercises are a little bit different but they are guaranteed to work. So without further ado, here are the 4 exercises to help you get those Washboard Abs:

  1. Barbell Squat. When wanting to get abs, you probably didn’t think about barbell squats, right? But, did you know that Barbell Squats is actually one of the best exercises if you want to get abs? That is because, in every repetition, your core muscles have a major role to play. You see, your core muscles act as stabilizers for your trunk. And when I say core muscles, I mean that abs are part of the equation as well. Do more barbell squats and your abs will surely come out.
  2. Planking. Planking is one of the best core exercises out there. Why is that? That is because when planking, your core muscles will get really taxed. You have to maximize your stability by using more of your core muscles. To do a plank, all you have to do is lie face down on the ground. Then lift your body using your arms and your feet. Assume this position for a good one minute. After getting better at it, you can increase the minutes so that you will tax your core muscles even more.
  3. Stability Ball Rollout. If you think planking is hard, wait till you plank on a stability ball. This exercise, much like planking, hits your core muscle hard. Not only will you have to worry about your core muscles doing its job, but you also have to worry about your stability as the ball will give you a hard time by moving a little bit. To do this exercise, get a stability ball and assume a planking position. Only this time, your arms will be on the ball and your feet will be on the floor. Do 30 seconds of this exercise first and gradually increase the time. I tell you, this exercise may look easy on paper, but when you actually do it, it is really hard.
  4. Reverse Press Up. When you want abs, most people often neglect the lower portion of the body. By doing Reverse Press Ups, you not only tax your core muscles overall but it also emphasizes the lower part of the abs as well. To do a Reverse Press up, lie flat on your back on the floor. Put your hands on the sides with the palms facing down. Your feet should be extended and keep your knees bent a little bit. When doing a repetition, raise your legs to the extended position and then slowly go back to the position where you keep your knees bent. Rinse and repeat.

Getting washboard abs is difficult but when you do these 4 exercises, you’re on your way to getting those 6-packs!