More on the r4i sdhc

What makes the Nintendo DS great is its customizability. Never before or since has a portable gaming device come out that allows so many different options. Whether through the inbuilt customization available through the vanilla Nintendo DS, or extra options provided by various R4 cards and software, it has never been easier to make the Nintendo DS into an all in one gaming console. However, with something as complex as these cards, it can be easy to lose sight of what card is right for your model. To help you out, lets take a quick look at the R4i SDHC Card.

The R4i SDHC Card

The R4i SDHC Card for the Nintendo DSi console represents the latest firmware for the Nintendo gaming console. It allows you to not only play games from the internet, but also watch movies, read books, look through photos, and even listen to music. What is a cool DS can suddenly become a specialized device that will allow you to do just about anything with. That being said, the R4i SDHC Card is the best way to experience everything the Nintendo DS has to offer.

What Makes the R4i SDHC Card Stand Out

The R4i stands out among the competition because it does not limit you to one type of fame on your DS console. Instead, you can play and store homebrew games that can be found online. Specifically designed for the Nintendo DS, these games offer never before seen customizability in game types. Now you can play games that other people, including yourself, make. With so many options for free on the internet, it is easy to see why a person with an R4i SDHC Card and Nintendo DS will never be bored.

It doesn’t end here however, with the R4i SDHC Card, you can put other media files on your Nintendo DS and watch them through the screen. This can include the latest movies, songs, photos, and even e-books, allowing you to have a number of different kinds of media right at your fingertips.


Currently, the R4i SDHC Card is compatible with the DSi, DSi XL, DS, and DS lite models of the Nintendo DS. Each of these models is constantly updated with the newest software to keep them working great. In addition, the size of these cards changes as well, meaning that you will be able to find the right size for your needs.