Testosterone and why it’s important for Gym Buffs

Men and Women go to the gym to get their best physique they can possibly get. But, when you look at men and women, men are exponentially bigger looking than women. testWhy is that? That is because of a hormone called Testosterone. Testosterone is a hormone naturally produced in the male bodies.

If you’re a regular gym dude, you may want to know the features the Testosterone gives you. Testosterone is proven to:

  • Increase Muscle Size– This hormone speeds up growth and repair, so you can go to the gym more often.
  • Give you more energy– Testosterone increases your energy levels so you can stay longer and train longer in the gym.
  • Improves your overall mood– The hormone improves your mood and it keeps you motivated for longer periods of time.

Now you know what they can do to your body, how about giving yourself more of the hormone? You’re probably thinking, “if I am a man, and Testosterone is naturally produced by my body, why should I take testosterone boosters”?

Well, the short answer is not all men are created equal. Some men have a huge amount of Testosterone, and others, not so much. People who are gifted with a lot of Testosterone tend to look leaner and buffed, while others who suffer from the low supply of the hormone will have to work twice as hard.

This is where Testosterone boosters come in. If this is the first time you’ve heard of it, then I will explain to you why they work. Testosterone boosters:

  • Testosterone Boosters Aid the increased production of the hormone– as I’ve said before, some are gifted with a lot of Testosterone while others are not. The booster will aid in the production of more Testosterone in your body so you can enjoy its benefits.
  • Increases Free Testosterone in the Body– 40% of the Testosterone is bound to the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This means that 40% of them cannot be utilized for muscle growth. Testosterone boosters free up the 40% that is bound to the Globulin for use in the muscles.
  • It Decreases Estrogen Levels– Estrogen is the female counterpart of Testosterone. Men have that too, but only in small amounts. But, the body produces estrogen even at the cost of some Testosterone. Testosterone Boosters prevent that from happening.

Now, what are inside Testosterone boosters that makes them a potent supplement to increase the male hormone? Well, here are the most important ingredients in T-boosters:

D-Aspartic Acid– this is an essential amino acid that promotes the body’s ability to produce much needed hormones, Testosterone included.

Oyster Extract– Oysters are not only delicious, but they also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals your body needs. It also contains luteinizing hormones that increase your Testosterone levels.

Vitamin D3- This is a vitamin we normally get from the sun. Vitamin D3 is a highly important vitamin that is needed by our bodies to help us stay healthy.

Ginseng- a popular ingredient in Chinese medicine, the Ginseng has the ability to elevate Nitric Oxide levels in the body, resulting in the most explosive pumps when lifting weights.

There you have it. I hope that you’re now convinced to take Testosterone boosters. They are safe and effective. Just be sure to get yours from a trusted retailer.